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Hi. Thanks for checking me out. I'm a filmmaker, photographer and student based in New York. My work focuses on cultural influences on subject, networks of agency, the conditions of photographer, subject and viewer, coming-of-age––and I'm a fan of cool stories. I hope you like what you see. Stay tuned for more soon:)

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virtual pride

[Virtual] Pride

This film explores the journey that succeeds “coming out”, and captures a uniquely timestamped experience of sexuality in 2020.



A contemplative film reflecting on “Bloom”, director Rosie Arbittier’s inclusive musical, through the eyes of Rosie and fellow castmates––both with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Portrait of a Friendship

Set within the parameters of The New York Times “The 36 Questions that Lead to Love,” this short documentary interviews seven college friends and provides an insight into their relationship. The original study, by psychologist Arthur Aron, argued that intimacy between two strangers could be accelerated by mutual vulnerability and a “reciprocal, personal self-disclosure.” Friends, on the other hand, have transcended that initial vulnerability. This allows for a restructuring of the dynamic created by the questions and the physical space formed around the camera, and what results is a re-reading of the psychology of the interview and an honest portrait of a friendship.


Between the Sky and the Water

This short film follows Charlie and Aidan over the course of a single day and, cut alongside a conversation with Charlie, seeks to learn more about winter surfing in New Jersey while observing a day in the life of the student surfer.

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